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Max Marion Hauser was born in Medill, MO August 16th, 1941. He was the second son in a large family. Max was always known as a traveler, never staying in one place too long. He would hop freight trains to St. Louis and other parts of the Midwest. From an early age he was on the go. 

Max married Janice Hudnut Jan 14th, 1962. They lived in Missouri and had two children, Chris and Jamie. Over the course of the years Max worked as a quarry driver, local truck driver and eventually as a long haul driver delivering new trailers out of Fort Madison, Iowa across the United States before finishing his career delivering new tractors to buyers and dealers across the country. 

He was known for his quick wit and enjoyment of a good time. Without a doubt he left an impression on everyone he met and worked with. He and Janice lived in Montrose Iowa for a number of years before moving to Urbana, Ohio, Charlotte, North Carolina and eventually Franklin, VA in order to be close to their surviving son, Chris. 

Max was preceded in death by his daughter Jamie, his parents and several siblings, and his wife. He passed away 9 November, 2023 after a long battle with various elder disorders; congestive heart failure and chronic kidney disease. 

He will be interred with his wife and daughter in Williamstown, Missouri. In lieu of flowers, a donation to the charity of your choice in his honor would be appreciated.