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CCR-1 School Board Approves Budget

By Mike Scott

The Clark County R-1 school board approved its 2007-08 budget at its meeting Thursday evening,  June  14, and at first glance, the bottom line looks pretty grim–a deficit of $457,624.
“Our working budget for next year would be $41,000 in the black if you take out the electrical and boiler expenses,” said Superintendent Ritchie Kracht.  The board is spending over $500,000 this year modernizing the electrical systems at both elementary schools, and dealing with a variety of boiler issues the the middle school and elementary schools.
The money is coming from district reserves for capital projects.  No money is being borrowed for these projects.
“We (the board) saved this money for a rainy day, and this is that rainy day,” said Kracht.  “This is exactly why we have reserves.”
One factors influencing this years budget continues to be declining enrollment, which finished the 2006-07 school year with just over an 877 average daily attendance.  By comparison, 201-02 had 988 student attending.
“The trend continues to go down,but our kindergarten count has increased a little,” said Kracht.
On  the positive side for the school, the recent assessed valuation increases will generate additional revenue for the district. Real estate and commercial property increased approximately 10 percent, according to Kracht.
“It’s definitely going to help the district,” Kracht said.
In other business, the board:
–Accepted the building trades class bid from Doug James for home construction for $15,000.
–Tabled a proposed new Staff/Student policy for further study.
–Discussed staffing needs at Black Hawk Elementary.  Principal Danial Boatman made recommendations based on student needs and class populations.
–Approved allowing the Clark County Health Department to insert Gardisil vaccination  information in back-to-school packets at the middle school and high school.
–Approved the FFA trip to the state convention. 
–Approved one-quarter credit of lifetime sports credit for summer school classes.  This action will generate between $7-10,000 for the school district.
–Raised the medical deductible from $500 to $750 for current employees and families.  The district will pay the $250 difference if the deductible is met.
–Accepted the resignation of Black Hawk teacher Cindy Womack.
–Approved moving the board meeting  for July and August at 7:00 PM on the second Monday.