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Flag Day Gets Better Every Year

By Mike Scott

It just gets better each year.
Kahoka hosted its 10th Annual Flag Day celebration on Thursday morning, June 14.  Special guests Governor Matt Blunt, his wife Melanie, and son Branch joined over 350 local youth in a flag-filled red-white and blue parade around Kahoka’s City park.
Blunt was welcomed by Mayor Herb Butler, who presented a key to the city to the governor.
"To the best of our knowledge, this is the first sitting governor to visit Kahoka," Butler said.
"It’s wonderful to be here," said Governor Blunt.  "Kahoka may have the largest Flag Day celebration in the state.  We ought to remember the flag and what it means.  It tells a great story, about how 13 colonies came together into 50 states.  Our flag is a great symbol of the resolve of America..
"Something very unique about our nation is that individuals take such pride in our flag.  In other countries, you rarely see flags in homes,’ Blunt said.
Ironically, it wasn’t the governor who was invited. Kahoka Clark County Economic Development Corporation, who organize the event annually, invited Melanie Blunt, the governor’s wife.
“I asked if I could come along, said Governor Blunt.
Brittany Miller read her prize winning essay on the flag, and prizes were awarded for the best parade entries, and the winning school entry won a pizza party.  Winners were:
0-3 years olds
Emily Frazee –  1st, Kiersten Harmon – 2nd, Claudia Weiss – 3rd
4-6 year olds
Nicholas Davis 1st, Sydney Waschenbach 2nd, Caleb Hammond -3rd
7-9 year olds
Ashtin Bradley – 1st, Shannon Hillyer  2nd, Colton Hammond 3rd
10-12 year olds
Kailey Roberts 1st, Jessica Roberts 2nd, Emily Davis 3rd
1st – Little Rascals Daycare, 2nd – Kids Korner Day Care, 3rd – Shirley’s Day Care
Revere School won the pizza party, and will have their celebration  on Wednesday.