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Boiler Headaches Continue For CCR-1 Board

By Mike Scott

The headaches keep building for the members of the Clark County R-1 School Board.  During a special board meeting held Monday night, July 2, the board reviewed two proposals to repair the boiler system at the middle school.
“We have a completely different philosophy from our two bidders,” said CCR-1 Superintendent Ritchie Kracht.
One proposal from Eddie Moore Mechanical of Columbia is to repair the system at a cost of $148,720, or completely replace the boiler system for $160,798.
E.A. Wand of Quincy bid $17,354 to repair the existing system.
“The difference is Moore thinks the piping is all wrong, and Wand says it is piped properly,” said Kracht.
“There is no way to control the heat in the ‘55 wing and the west end,” said Rodney Gares, CCR-1 Maintenance.  “It was in Moore’s bid to put in contacts and thermostats to control the zone pumps.”
The current boilers, installed in 1995, have no zone controlling.  Gares has to make manual adjustments to control the heat in the building.  Gares also explained other differences in the proposals.
“When it’s on, it’s hot,” said Middle School principal Jason Church.  “And when it’s off, it’s not.”
Because of the extreme difference in cost and philosophy, the board tabled the issue to seek another bid from Frank Mallard Heating.
“I just don’t think we can make an decision with this much difference,” said board member Carmen Arnold.
The board then voted to go into closed session to discuss legal issues.
The next meeting of the CCR-1 School Board will be Thursday, July 12.