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Exchange Bank Now Offers Online Banking

Want to pay your bills at midnight, without the hassle and expense of postage stamps?  How about check your balance or transfer money when you are out of town? 
The solution is as close as your computer–Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri is now offering internet banking for its customers.
“This is an excellent service for our customers,” said Exchange Bank president Paula Fox.
Customers can log onto the bank’s website at to start the process.
“It’s very secure.  We have the highest tech encryption available,” said Fox.
Online ustomers can inquire about account activity, transfer money between accounts, pay bills, and even see images of checks that have cleared.
First time users will need to click on the “Apply Now” button, create an online account, and request access for accounts online. 
“Before you can actually use it, we will verify the information and make certain the person requesting access is authorized on the account,” said Fox.
A confirmation letter will be mailed to the account holder letting them know the date the online account will be activated.
Once active, customers can pay almost all their bills online by entering the billing information.
“The initial setup takes a while, but after that it is much quicker,” added Fox.  “Plus there is no charge for bill paying online.”