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Policy, Handbook Changes Top CCR-1 Board Agenda

By Mike Scott

The Clark County R-1 School Board approved a number of policy and student handbook changes as it moved through a lengthy agenda during its Thursday, July 12 meeting.
Student handbook changes included banning wheeled shoes, sometimes called “heelies”, and skateboards at the schools.
The middle school is cracking down on tardies, implementing new penalties for students late to class.  Under the new policy, students will receive a warning after their second tardy, followed by half-hour detention for a third.  Subsequent tardies add detention time, including Saturday detention, and in-school or out of school suspension.
“The fact is we lost 315 days with kids not in class to tardies,” Middle School principal Jason Harper told the board.
A change affecting both middle school and high school students is that students will receive a discipline referral for failing to dress out for PE. 
Other changes are related to “keeping up with technology”, and concern cell phones, i-pods, mp3 players and other electronic gadgets, which must be turned off and in locker.
Band members and student athletes will not be permitted to park on the east side of the building, as it is a fire lane.
After several months discussion, the board amended its policy concerning staff-student relationships.  A new policy was considered, but rejected amid concerns that it would restrict such activities as students babysitting for teacher, or helping with yard work.
“I think if the current policy has the teeth we need and the flexibility we need, we shouldn’t change it,” said board member Miles Cameron.
The policy amendment added a statement clarifying that violations of the policy could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.
The board also voted to change the policy stating when the school board meetings are held.  The new policy will allow the board to change the time or date.  The August 2007 meeting will change to Monday, August 13, then return to the second Thursday of the month in September.
Superintendent Ritchie Kracht announced the district finished the 2006-2007 school year with a positive balance of $2276.26.
Boiler repair at the Middle School was addressed yet again, as the board considered a repair bid from Frank Millard Company.
The bid was for an estimate of $46,500, which would include all repairs and the installation of some heating controls.  Currently, Rodney Gares has to turn the system on or off to control the temperature.
Adding individual classroom thermostats would cost an additional $3000 per room, and could be added at any time later.
“They said they would guarantee the boilers will work and Rodney will not have to babysit them, Kracht added.   The board voted to ask Millard for a detailed bid.
In other business, the board:
–Approved the hiring of a 1/2 special education paraprofessional for the high school.
–Agreed to pay the City of Kahoka
See School, Page 12
maintenance costs of approximately $22.56 per day for the use of the pool for PE.
–Approved the FFA National Convention Trip for October.
–Set a tax rate hearing for 7:00 PM August 13.