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City of Kahoka Sells Former Railroad Property, Apartment Building Planned On Site

By Mike Scott

In the absence of a full board at Thursday’s meeting of the Kahoka Board of Aldermen, Jerry Webber filled in as Mayor Pro-Tem, leading the council through a full agenda.  Mayor Herb Butler and Alderman Curtis Mack were absent.
After opening the meeting with the public tax hearing, the board moved through the agenda.
The board accepted the bid of $1200 for the piece of former railroad property on North Johnson Street (just south of Santa Fe Auto).  The buyers, Pat and Deb Malone, own the adjacent properties and plan to construct a two-story multi-unit building on the site.  As directed by the deed, the money will be placed in the Cemetery Trust Fund.
The board approved an amended resolution concerning worker’s compensation insurance for volunteer firefighters.  The resolution stated that coverage ceases after the firefighters return to the station.
The board approved a liquor license application for Angela Droege, who is opening “Froggies” on the east side of the square.
The council approved a request from Kevin Buford to chip and seal his road.  On the recommendation of Street Department supervisor Ron Bourgeois, Buford will be charged for material only.  He is not being charged for labor because the city used his bobcat and post digger for three days at O-Mak-O-Hak Park.
The board discharged a nuisance ordinance complaint against Billie Hatfield, as she is not the owner of the property.   Hatfield was on hand to defend the condition of the property
“I think we can take this too far,” said Alderman Jeff Wood.
“If I get a complaint, I have to act on it,” said Police Chief Bill Conger.  “It’s up to you to decide on whether it is a nuisance.”
Conger also stated that three additional nuisance letters had been sent out.
In addition, Conger asked that the city pay for one-half of the cost of joining the Northeast Missouri Drug Task Force.  He was asked to see where in his budget the funds would come from and discuss it at the September meeting.
Fire Chief Lary Fountain discussed a meeting between the fire chiefs of each district in Clark County, where the idea of unified fire protection district serving the entire county was discussed.
According to City Attorney Rick Roberts, who also attended the meeting, all the chiefs were interested in looking into a unified district, but there are a number of issues to address, and further meetings and public input will be needed.
City Assistant Jim Sherwood reported on a meeting with MoDOT engineer Kevin James.  The city has asked MoDOT to clean the ditches and gutters along Highways 81 and Old 136.  The city will consider a cooperative agreement with MoDOT to allow them the use of the city bobcat  in exchange for part of the cost of the  cleaning work.
Sherwood also stated the the bids for the CDBG Demolition Grant should be solicited in the next four to six weeks.  The asbestos inspection have been completed on the properties, and the city is awaiting those reports.
Alderman Larry Young reported the approved restoration of the stones in the cemetery is complete
Alderman Jerry Webber brought up the issue of re-establishing city committees.
“Our current mayor abolished the committee structure and promised regular updates.  We’re not getting them,” said Webber, who asked that re-establishing committees be placed on a future agenda.
In other business, the board:
–Agreed to seek bids for a new roof on the poolhouse.
–Approved seven building permits
–Approved the use of the pool for a CCR-1 Fine Arts Boosters fundraiser.
–Discussed cable department  recommendations, including an increase in the cost of basic service.