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City Council Hires Jena Church as Utility Billing Clerk

 On Monday evening, August 27, the Kahoka Board of Aldermen voted in Special Session to hire two city employees. The two positions were for Water / Waste Water person and a Utility Billing Clerk. The two positions became available when Darrel Winter the former water employee had resigned to work for the county and Barb Webber, the former Utility Billing Clerk had sought employment in Kansas City.
  According to Kahoka Mayor Herb Butler, "The City had received forty-one applications for Billing Clerk. Myself and the City Clerk and City Treasurer went through the applications and narrowed it down to seven that we wanted to interview. Out that seven which we called up to interview we had one no-show. This brought it down to six people that we interviewed.  We reported back to the City Council we would bring two names or possible three for them to consider at a Special City Council meeting on a Thursday, August 23. We had two choices, when our number one choice came in and withdrew her application on Wednesday leaving us with one. So the City Council came in and reviewed the application and selected two more applicants that they wanted to interview. Alderman Jerry Webber was at a slight disadvantage as his mother had open-heart surgery in Columbia and he was at the hospital with her on Tuesday, so he was not available.  However, Alderman Webber had those three candidates call him on his cell phone and he interviewed them over the phone. He was impressed with the selection of our three candidates. Jena Church was hired as the Utilities Billing Clerk. Jena is currently working at the pharmacy and has given them a two-week notice and will start with the city once that time has elapsed.
  The council had talked about hiring a Waste / Waste Water Management person. The person needs to get a license and has a year to do so. The selection was made and when we informed the person it was with regret that he informed us that he would be needing shoulder surgery, which was something that he did not know when he had applied for the position. Because of the surgery he would not be able to be released by a doctor for a minimum of 45 days. Well that would be a month and a half and the City cannot wait that long, as they need someone as soon as possible. The candidate was very understanding as to why we could not wait that long. So the Council voted to hire Aaron Daw who is in the same position as that of the Utilities Billing Clerk and he will begin as soon as his final two weeks have been completed with his current employer.
  Barb Webber has also served as City Collector, a position which is an appointed one by the mayor and then approved of by the Council. I had made the decision that if the council made a selection which in my opinion was a good one, I would then appoint that person as City Collector which pays an additional $3,600 a year as a part time position.  By law, the City Clerk or Treasurer cannot be appointed as Collector, as the Treasurer and Collector positions serves as a means of checks and balances. I have already informed that the Council that Jena will be my appointment if that selection meets their approval which I believe that it will."
  Jena Church added that she is looking forward to starting her employment at City Hall as well as working with the other staff members at the office.