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County Commissioners Open Bridge Near Neeper

By Kevin Fox

Due to complications in meeting some Corps of Engineer requirements, the bridge that spans the Wyaconda River south of Kahoka on the county road leading to Neeper, building a new bridge took longer than expected. But local officials celebrated the opening of the bridge on Tuesday afternoon, with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Cutting the ribbon was Bonnie Brewer, wife of the late Clark County Presiding Commissioner Eddie Brewer. The new bridge is an 80 / 20 matching funds bridge with 80 percent coming from state and federal funds and the remaining funded by the county through an in kind match, which includes funds as well as labor. 80% of the cost of the bridge came to a total of $493,000.
  In talking about the completion of the bridge Roger Verslues, President of S&V Consultants Inc. who served as engineer on the project stated, "This bridge is well worth the time and effort that the commissioners put into it. It has been my privilege to have been on board with them since 1993. I am just really happy that things worked out. Also on hand for the ribbon cutting was Beth Brown who serves with MoDot, District Vital Science and Reports Processor from the Hannibal office.
  The Clark County Commissioners C.W. Higbee, Wayne Bourgeois, and Presiding Commissioner Paul Allen were also present. All three stated that they would like to thank those who use that road and bridge for their understanding and patience during the construction period. C.W. Higbee stated, "The project took longer to get completed because of meeting the necessary requirements, but it ended up as a very nice bridge that will serve the residents well. It is 24 feet wide and 214 feet long." Wayne Bourgeois added, "The bridge  #257002.2 BRO023 (20) was built sometime in the early 1900’s and the sixth bridge we have replaced in the past five years. The bids were let on this bridge project on March 23, 2005 when Eddie Brewer was serving as Presiding Commissioner.
  Presiding Commissioner Paul Allen stated, "We are continuing to replace our older bridges that no longer meet the needs of the residents. As a matter of fact we are opening up for bids on five more bridge projects today, Thursday December, 20."