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Clark Co. R-1 Schools To Go Tobacco Free March 1

By Mike Scott

Clark County R-1 Schools are going tobacco free.
“We’re here to ask you to make Clark County a tobacco free campus,” Cylee Gutting, a CCR-1 junior, and member of the Smokebuster’s group.  Gutting, along with members Collin Sommers and Will Braums, and their advisors, Valerie Brown and Melissa Riney attended Thursday night’s CCR-1 school board meeting.
They reported that 93% of respondents surveyed at a recent basketball game agreed that the entire campus, including softball and football fields, should become smoke free.  Other smoke-free campuses in northeast Missouri include Scotland, Knox, Highland and Brookfield.
“I think it’s a great idea,” board member Dr. Matt Cormier said.  The board approved the ban, which will effect all students, staff and patrons, and will go into effect March 1.
The board also discussed summer school incentives.
“We want to support Clark County, but with Pamida closing, it will really limit our option,” Running Fox principal Julie Brotherton said.
Summer school is important, because part of the state-aid formula is based on attendance.  If summer school attendance decreases, the district will lose state money.
The board decided to keep an incentives program in place, and will discuss in at future meetings,
In other business, the board:
–Heard Jason Harper present a curriculum for the high school weightlifting class.  The board approved the curriculum.
–Approved a grant for tooth sealants for second and sixth graders.  Parents would need to give permission.
–Approved a three-grant for the Smokebusters program at Clark County High School, instead of being run through the county health department.
–Approved a proposal to seek refinancing of the 1998 bonds for the High School.  The estimated savings to the district is $187,425.  Action on the refinancing proposal will be taken at next month’s meeting.
–Approved a contract extension for OPAA, the school’s food service vendor.
–Approved revisions to the district’s Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.
–Approved several policy changes recommended by the Missouri School Board Association.
–Discussed heating in elementary schools.  There are calibration problems with the room temperature controllers, but the boiler repairs are complete.
–Approve a Key Club trip to Springfield in March.