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FCE Essay Contest

 On Tuesday, March 18 Clark County FCE recognized the top three finishers in their annual Student Essay Contest during the Council meeting at the Methodist Church in Wayland. There were approximately 68 entries submitted. The Essay Contest is open to Clark County 4th grade students. This year’s theme for the essay was “Respect”.

First Place in NE District Essay Contest Winner
Hannah Troy- 4th Grade Black Hawk
Mrs. McAfee

I drew a picture of myself looking in a mirror, because I must learn to respect myself to accomplish respecting others.
Respect is feeling good about myself, and knowing I am unique and valuable. Respect is knowing I am lovable and capable. Respect is listening to my parents and respecting my elders. Respect is knowing others are valuable too. Respect is always treating others as you would wish to be treated.
That’s what respect mean to me.

Second Place Essay Contest Winner
Ian Riney
Mrs. Oilar – Running Fox

I saw a lady that was tired of pushing herself in her wheelchair, so I went up to her and volunteered to take her to the cafeteria. She thanked me for my respect.
So I know now why people give respect. It’s because it not only gives the person you’re helping happiness, but it gives you happiness as well.

Third Place Essay Winner
Carrie Hargrove

Every minute and every second of your life you need to show respect. For an example, when you are walking into the store and you see someone coming you should kindly open the door for them and if you just slam it in their face, that would not be showing respect, and would be just plain mean.
You also are supposed to say nice things, otherwise it would probably hurt their feelings. Respect is not just about saying nice things, and opening the door for people. It’s about obeying your parents too. Like when they say to do the dishes, you do them, and you do not give them attitude.
That’s all I think respect is about.