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Flooding – Several State Roads Expected to Close

HANNIBAL – MoDOT is keeping close watch on several roads as water levels continue to rise from area rivers. “We expect to close several roads within the next few days,” said MoDOT Northeast District Maintenance and Traffic Engineer Mark Giessinger. These roads include: U.S. 61 at Alexandria; Route B/Business 61 at Canton; Route B/Business 61 at LaGrange; MO 79 south of Hannibal near Illasco; MO 79 south of Louisiana; and MO 79 one mile south of Clarksville. MoDOT closed Route N in Shelby County earlier this week.

All predictions are based on the National Weather Service Hydrographs. “We utilize these predictions so we can monitor specific locations,” Giessinger said. Giessinger explained that since these are just predictions, there is still a chance other highways may be affected, depending on the amount of rainfall and the river levels. “We have to regularly check the roads and the water to see how deep it is getting,” he added. MoDOT does not typically close a road until it is unsafe or deemed impassible. “It depends on the amount of water alongside the road, the current and expected weather conditions,” Giessinger said.

When roads are closed, MoDOT will set up detours. “It’s not always the most popular decision, but it’s the safest,” Giessinger added. He reminds drivers to not drive through water that is on the road, especially if MoDOT has set up barricades to close the road.

Giessinger reminded the public there are two way s to obtain up-to-the-minute road closure information – call MoDOT’s toll-free customer service number at 1-888-275-6636 or going online to for the traveler information map.
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