CCR-1 Board Discusses High School Lot Paving

 CCR-1 Board Discusses High School Lot Paving

By Mike Scott

Paving the high school parking lot was on the agenda of the Clark County R-1 School Board as they held their July meeting last Thursday night. The board had solicited bids for paving a portion of the lot.

“Drainage is a big concern,” superintendent Ritchie Kracht told the board. “I think we should have a professional engineer design a project like this.”

After discussion, the board decided to seek an engineer to design a paving project in phases. The board also took the step of rejected all the existing bids.

Baseball was the next item discussed. The estimated startup and first year costs of a baseball program were projected at $14,087.30, with second year costs being $8088.
“We have a lot of boys who are interested and good at the sport,” High School principal Jason Harper said.

Title 9 concerns about providing girls with equal access to programs were discussed in closed session. No further action on baseball was taken.

In other business, the board:
*Set its annual tax rate hearing August 14 at 7:00 PM.
*Reported that summer school earned 36,791 hours, or enough to add 35.241 to the average daily attendance. This equals over $98,000 in state funding.
*Discussed the new elementary math curriculum. “In both buildings it will be very consistent instruction,” Elementary Principal Julie Brotherton said.
*Approved student handbook changes for all buildings
*Set fall orientation schedule:
Pre-K Thurs. 8/22 5:30-7:00
Running Fox Open House-9/10
Black Hawk Open House-9/11
Kindergarten-to be scheduled
Middle School-8/18 (6th grade and new) 5:00PM, Returning students 6:30
High School-8/18 7:00 PM
*Approved the purchase of a new freezer for Black Hawk
*Discussed Alternative School. Both Scotland Co. and Knox Co. are interested.
*Discussed Wyaconda School information.