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Changes Come In Tuesday Election

 Changes Come In Tuesday Election

By Mike Scott

Sixty six percent of Clark County voters turned out Tuesday, electing a new sheriff and two new county commissioners. 3545 of Clark County’s 5370 voters turned out for what will be remembered as a historic election.

Locally, Clark County’s new Sheriff will be Republican Paul Gaudette, who defeated Democrat Keith Gates by a 573 vote margin, 2018-1445.

The race for Eastern District Commissioner came down to only 38 votes, as Democrat Jerry Neyens narrowly topped Republican Harold Bub Campbell 691-653. In the Western District, Democrat Roger Sedore beat Joseph B. Humes 1219-864.

In the Public Administrator’s race, Republican Linda Shoup won over Melissa Vigen Tweedy by a 2123-1308 margin.

Donna Oilar, a Democrat, was unchallenged for the Assessor office, gaining 2943 votes. Republican Edwin Wilson, also unopposed, was reelected Coroner, getting 3125 votes.

On the national scene, Clark County voters favored John McCain and Sarah Palin over Barack Obama and Joe Biden 1782-1572. The McCain/Palin ticket also narrowly carried Missouri. However, the Obama/Biden ticket won nationally, giving the United States the first black president.

Republican Kenny Hulshof earned 1772 Clark County votes for Governor, topping Jeremiah Jay Nixon’s 1588 votes. Statewide however, Jay Nixon defeated Hulshof with 58.4 percent of the vote.

Republican Peter Kinder got the most votes in Clark County for Lt. Governor, garnering 1727 votes, topping Sam Page’s 1470 votes. Kinder won reelection over Sam Page by a 2.6 percent margin across the state.

In the First District Representative race, incumbent Republican Brian Munzlinger took 61 percent of the vote, topping challenger Keri Cottrell 9436-6043 to retain his seat.

Northeast Missouri will have a new voice in Congress, as Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer defeated Judy Baker 160,955 to 152,851. Luetkemeyer will replace Kenny Hulshof.