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Sheriff’s Office Seeks Tips From Public

 Clark County Sheriff Paul Gaudette is seeking information from the public concerning a number of recent criminal activities.
On Tuesday, March 17, the Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with the Fire Marshall, investigated another suspicious fire in Revere.  An empty house was destroyed in the blaze.  According to Gaudette, the Fire Marshall could not determine the cause of any of the recent fires, although this particular fire might have been started by an electrical short.  There have been several other suspicious fires in the northern part of the county this year.
“We have suspects, and we’re working to follow up on those suspects,” Guadette said.  “What we really need is community cooperation to let us know anything they might see or hear.”
Gaudette also discussed a number of recent burglaries of both homes and businesses.  .    He encouraged residents to make sure their doors are locked, and again asked the public to call if they see anything suspicious
Gaudette also reported a continued problem with illegal drugs in Clark County.
“Meth production and usage are on the rise in the county,” Gaudette said.  “There have been lots of anhydrous thefts.
“We need the community to let us know if they see someone near tanks that shouldn’t be there, or if they notice vehicles going slow near anhydrous tanks,” he said.
The Clark County Sheriff’s Office can be reached at 660-727-2911, or in an emergency, dial 911.