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Health Concerns Force Associate Circuit Court To Relocate

 By Mike Scott

Clark County’s Associate Circuit Court has moved out of the Hiller Building across from the Courthouse, and has set up shop in the judge’s chambers of the courtroom, upstairs in the Clark County Courthouse building.
Court workers have complained of headaches and respiratory difficulties, such as asthma. ? Over the past couple months, workers have reported a terrible smell, possibly related to the heating system.
Judge John Moon ordered the move last week.
“Apparently, my people are more sensitive to the chemical
than others,” Moon said.  “Different individuals have
different tolerance levels.”
Other offices in the Hiller Building, including the County Assessor and County Collector, remain in the building.
According to Moon, the Clark County Commissioners have had a state inspector take air samples, and are waiting for report.
“The commission is taking a pretty aggressive stance on this,” Moon said, “but these things take some time.  As long as we have the computer drops, we can make it work.”