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CCR-1 Fine Arts Awards Held Monday

By Mike Scott

“This is the evening where we recognize all the hard work of the band, chorus and art students,” said Jenny Ross, Fine Arts Booster Club President as she opened the Monday night, May 4 Fine Arts Awards program.
Ross introduced next year’s Fine Arts Officers:  Heather Armstrong-President, Jana McNew-Secretary, and Joann Hunziker-Treasurer.
CCR-1 Art teacher Kari Wright presented the art awards.  The plaque for Most Innovative Artist was given to Ricquel Dobson.  Jake Bunker was named Outstanding Artist, and Leah Wood was Most Creative Artist and Outstanding Builder.
Kolt Kiger was given a medal for Building Design, while Dean Eckle received a medal for Art I.  Lindsey Cohen received the Art II medal.
Mr. Bob Dooley presented certificates and letters to member of the CCR-1 Chorus.
All Conference Chorus members were:  Brianna Alderton, Caitlyn Slater, Ronette Cagle, Tyler Gates, Lakin Morrow,    Bobby Lee Seyb, Shantelle Doty, Cody Hamilton, Kaitlyn Simpson, Stephanie Johnson, Andrea Small, Caylee Gutting, Josh Baumgartner and Justin Hamilton.
All District Choir members were Tyler Gates, Josh Baumgartner and Lakin Morrow.
Show Choir members were: Tiffany Shaffer, Elsa Scott, Andrea Small, Ronette Cagle, Bobby Lee Seyb, Justin Hamilton, Josh Baumgartner, Matt Davis, Cody Hamilton and Tyler Gates.
Mr. Dooley presented certificates for vocal contests that the student’s participated in.  Receiving awards were:
Brooke Wheeler, Piano Solo, District I, State-II
Elsa Scott, Vocal Solo District I, State I
Landon Le Master, Justin Hamilton, Cody hamilton, Tyler Gates, Colton Protsman, Josh Baumgartner, Men’s Six, District I, State-III
Receiving II Ratings at Districts were: Vocal Solo-Josh Baumgartner, Vocal Solo-Lakin Morrow, Vocal Solo-Shantelle Doty
 Mixed Double Quartet-Niccole Adams, Brianna Alderton, Tiffany Shaffer, Ronette Cagle, Cody Hamilton, Landon Le Master, Josh Baumgartner, and Colton Protsman.  Earning III?ratings were:  Vocal Solo-Cody hamilton, Vocal Solo-Ronette Cagle, Girls Sextet-Caitlyn Slater, Tara Pruett, Shantelle Doty, Ronette Cagle, Jayna Job and Danielle Boyd.  
The next group acknowledged were the Swiss and Tall Flag Corps.  Tall Flag members this year were Niccole Adams, Kelsey Arnold, Kayla Buschling, Courtney Carter, Amanda Denning, Elsa Scott, Deanna Shoup, Alexis St. Clair, Krista Yates and Brooke Trot.
Swiss Flags were Melissa Jerez, Camille Blum, Shelby Moss, Taylor Morgan, Bailee Brooks, Brooke Wheeler, Caroline Krueger, Ashley Gail and Kelsey Washburn.
“These are an incredibly talented group of kids,’ said Dooley.
The largest group to receive awards during the evening was the band.
“It’s been a very enjoyable year,” said Dooley.  “And parents-we cannot do what we’ve don in the past without you.  Thank you…and please don’t stop.”
All Conference band members were  Katarina Cannon, Alicia Fountain,  Jillian Wilson, Elsa Scott, Tiffany Shaffer, Darrin Lillard, Corey Horter, Christian Coffman, Curtis Jenkins, Landon LeMaster, Emylee Redding, Chelsea Edmondson, Jesse Hanlin and Matt Sewell.
All District Band members were Elsa Scott and Matt Sewell, with Josh Baumgartner and Corey Horter selected for the Honorable Mention All District Band.
Dooley acknowledged the solo and ensemble ratings earned by the musicians.  Earning a District and State I rating for her Oboe solo was Elsa Scott.
The following musicians earned District I and State II or III ratings:  
Alto Saxophone Solo-Tyler Gates
Saxophone Quartet-Brooke Wheeler, Darrin Lillard, Josh, Baumgartner, Corey Horter
Trumpet Trio-Curtis Jenkins, Landon LeMaster,
and Seth Stump
Tenor Saxophone Solo-Josh Baumgartner
Snare Drum Solo-Dakota Armstrong
Receiving District II ratings were:
Trumpet Solo-Jonathan Howren
Bari Saxophone Solo-Corey Horter
Baritone Solo-Chelsea Edmondson
French Horn Solo- Christian Coffman
Trumpet Solo-Curtis Jenkins
Snare Solo-Collin Summers
Flute Quartet-Kelsey Arnold, Ashley Gail, Melissa Jerez, Bailee Brooks
Trumpet Trio-Tara Sutterfield, Ethan Paben, Jonathan Howren
Trumpet Solo-Seth Stump
Trumpet Solo-Landon LeMaster
Tenor Sax Solo-Darren Lillard
Bari Sax Solo-Corey Horter
French Horn Solo-Christian Coffman
Alto Sax Solo-Darren Lillard
Alto Sax Solo-Tiffany Shaffer
Percussion Ensemble-Dakota Armstrong, Collin Summers, Brian Worrell
Trombone Trio-Cady Flood, Kendi Kirchner, Jessica Saunders
Clarinet Solo-Alicia Fountain
Clarinet Solo-Shantelle Doty
Sax Trio-Jacob Jones, Jeremy Daw, Spencer Waschenbach
Earning III ratings at District were:
Clarinet Quartet-LaTisha Bourgeois, Katarina Cannon, Alicia Fountain, Jillian Wilson
Brass Ensemble-Megan Brennan, Tara Sutterfield, Chelsea Edmondson, Cady Flood, Lindsey Williams
Clarinet Trio-Katarina Cannon, Alicia Fountain, Jillian Wilson
Saxophone Trio-Cody Sommers, Tessa Oilar, Ashley Dunlap
Snare Solo-Matt Sewell
Trumpet Solo-Emylee Redding
Percussion Quartet-Matt Harper, Logan Ensminger, Brian Worrell, Anna Bertschi
Percussion Quintet-Matt Davis, Matt Sewell, Andrea Small, Lakin Morrow, Corenna Weber
Flute Quartet-Shauna Allen, Taylor Overhulser, Jasmine Scott, Jessica Fountain
Marimba Solo-Matt Sewell.  
Members of the Pep Band were: Katarina Cannon, Alicia Fountain, Tiffany Shaffer, Tyler Gates, Ashley Dunlap, Cody Sommers, Darren Lillard, Corey Horter, Josh Baumgartner, Landon LeMaster, Curtis Jenkins, Tara Sutterfield, LaTisha Bourgeois, Corenna Webber, Jonathan Howren, Christian Coffman, Jesse Hanlin, Jarod English , Matt Davis, Matt Sewell, Matt Harper, Anna Bertschi, Hailey Webster and Kailynn Yates.
Jazz Band members this year were:  Elsa Scott,  Matt Sewell, Tara Sutterfield, Jonathan Howren, Christian, Coffman Landon LeMaster, Curtis Jenkins, Cady Flood, Tiffany Shaffer, Tyler Gates, Josh Baumgartner, Darren Lillard, Corey Horter, Emylee Redding, Alicia Fountain, Cadence Kirchner, Seth Stump, and Chelsea Edmondson.
One of the highlights of the 2008-09 season was earning a I Rating at the State Music Festival at Hannibal LaGrange College.  Clark County was one of only three bands attending that received a I rating.