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Enough Pressure? Local Fire Trucks Tested

Enough Pressure?  Local Fire Trucks Tested

On Tuesday, October 6th, Banner Fire Equipment, of Roxana, Illinois was at the Kahoka/ Clark County Fire Station to do it’s annual testing of pumper trucks.
According to Kahoka / Clark County Fire Chief Lary Fountain, “This is an annual testing by Banner and the results of the tests goes into a formula where ISO (a company which sets standards) gives us a certain rating and insurance premiums are based on the local fire departments rating. For example we get a certain amount of points for just having the testing done with more points of course for passing the tests.  Banner arrived at the firehouse around 8:00 a.m. and began setting up their testing equipment and shortly thereafter the pumpers were tested. The cost for the test is around $300 per truck with three different tests being run. This would include pressure as well as the more important test of how many gallons of water per minute that the pumper can push out.  The tests last around an hour per truck and includes running for twenty minutes to see that a certain level can be maintained over a certain amount of time. We will not get the finally results from the test for awhile but the men who tested said that all the trucks that they tested passed.”
Banner tested a total of five trucks on Tuesday. This included three trucks of the Kahoka / Clark County Fire Department and one truck each from Revere and Wayland. The company will be returning in the future to test Alexandria.