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Clark County Commissioners Pass 3.97 Million Dollar Budget for 2010

Clark County Commissioners Pass 3.97 Million Dollar Budget for 2010

By Mike Scott

The Clark County Commissioners have approved a 2010 of nearly four million dollars for the fiscal year, or about $591,000 more than the county actually spent in 2009. ?The overall budget increased 17.5 percent from 2009 actual expenses.

“We have a balanced budget this year, and all funds will end 2010 in the black,” said Clark County Clerk Leih Ann Hayden after presenting the budget at Thursday morning’s public hearing.  No members of the general public attended.

The county expects to take in $3,985,149.65 in revenues in 2010.  Of that, $793,400 will come from property tax, $786,000 from sales taxes, and 1,253,478.33 from intergovernmental revenue sources.

Charges for service will bring in $173,514.67, while interest will total $16,031.  $388,555 will come from other sources, and $340, 277.81 will be operating transfers.

On the expense side, the county plans to spend $931,596.36 from the general revenue fund.  That fund includes salaries for most of the county employees and expenses for most Clark County offices, except Road and Bridge.

The county’s largest budget fund, Special Road and Bridge, started 2010 with a negative balance of $14601.43. The county will receive $1,525,905.84 in revenues this year, and spend $1,511,304.41.

Included in that revenue estimate is the remaining $50,000 from the BNSF railroad for the Medill Crossing reimbursement, as well as an additional $50,000 from BNSF for another crossing closing reimbursement.

Employee wages and benefits  in Road and Bridge total $133,844.68.  Most of the balance will be for road and bridge construction and maintenence.  One item of note is $137,600 designated for “Building and Land”.  

The county’s 1/2 cent Road and Bridge fund will take in $262,000 this year, and spend $278,877.73, mostly on rock and equipment expenses.

The 1/2 Cent Jail Operation/Law Enforcement fund started 2010 with a $34979.14 deficit, and is expecting to take in $757,792 revenues.  With estimated spending of $722,813.04, the fund should end the year with a zero balance.

Salaries for the department will total $496,753.04; office expenses will total $24,740, and equipment costs are expected to be $86,700 this year.

“We’re operating within a balanced budget this year,” said Commissioner Jerry Neyens.

“We’re stretching the dollar,” added Commissioner Paul Allen.

A copy of the complete budget will be available at The Media.