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Be Careful With Your Debit Card

Be Careful With Your Debit Card
Submitted by Bev Laffoon, Kahoka State Bank

With local debit card breach in the news this past week, you might be wondering the best way to keep your debit card information safe. The following are some debit card best practices to help minimize the risk of identity theft:
·Never write your personal identification number (PIN) on your card or carry it with you. Memorize it, or keep the number in a safe place at home.
·Report any lost or stolen cards immediately.
·Sign your card immediately. Thank anyone that cares enough to ask for identification during the purchase process.
·Always be sure to retrieve both your card and receipt after every transaction.
·NEVER lend anyone your card.
·Keep all your receipts and statements in a safe place
·Only give your debit card number over the phone if you have initiated the contact.
·Review your account statement as soon as possible to be sure that he accurate amounts have been charged.
· Investigate suspicious items immediately to head off any possible fraud before it occurs. If you find suspicious activity on your account, contact your bank immediately.
·Consider using a credit card for all non-cash purchases.
·Don’t respond to any unsolicited e-mails seeking debit card or account numbers.
·Avoid suspicious ATMs and shield your card from prying eyes.
Most of all be on guard at all times with any debit or credit card transactions and be very cautious of anyone asking for card numbers or account numbers. Monitor all of your transactions immediately. With online banking available 24 hours a day, customers can easily monitor all debit card transactions to their accounts.