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Mold Will Delay School Start

updated Friday, 8-12

Mold  Will Delay CCR-1 School Start

Clark County school officials have decided to delay the start of the 2011-12 school year, after finding mold at Black Hawk and Running Fox Elementary Schools.  Classes have been cancelled for next Thursday and Friday, August 18 & 19.

Open houses scheduled for the Middle School and High School will take place as schedule,d but elementary open houses will be re-scheduled.

No mold problems are reported at the Middle School or the High School.

According to Superintendent Ritchie Kracht, the mold is not toxic, but may be an irritant for elderly people and youth.

At this point, the district is gathering information from an environmental engineer with Klinger and Associates from Quincy, as well as beginning cleanup efforts.  Bids from professional cleaning contractors are currently being sought.

Thousands of ceiling tiles are being removed at Black Hawk Elementary by CCR-1 Maintenance workers, some wearing face masks and protective clothing.  When they’re done at Black Hawk, crews will move the Running Fox.

The tiles will be replaced after the mold is cleaned up. 

No cause for the mold has been determined, but Kracht said the new roofs are not leaking.

“A combination of a lot of things may have caused it,” he said.  “It’s been the wettest summer on record, then we had all the heat and humidity.  The buildings have been open for  construction and window replacement, and they’ve never been air conditioned  before.”

“We want to find out what caused it, get it cleaned up properly so it doesn’t come back, and get the buildings ready for school,” Kracht said.

On Friday afternoon, CCR-1 Supt. Kracht released the following statement:

“Clark County R-1 School District will cancel classes on
Thursday, August 18, and Friday, August, 19.
The start of school will depend on the results of mold testing and the
length of time needed to properly clean the buildings. The District will utilize the School Reach
calling system to notify parents when school will start.

Mold was discovered at Black Hawk Elementary and Running Fox
Elementary on the ceiling tiles and some surfaces in the buildings. All the ceiling tiles with mold have been
removed from the buildings. The school
has been in contact with environmental hygienists and professional mold
cleaning services to determine the best way to eliminate the mold. The school has an environmental hygienist
and microbiologist scheduled to be in the buildings on Monday, August 15, to
conduct mold testing and air quality testing.
The results of these tests will determine the extent of cleaning that
will be required. The school has also
been in contact with our HVAC engineer to determine what steps need to be taken
to prevent this from happening in the future.
The Clark County R-1 School District is committed to student safety and
will take all steps necessary to ensure a safe learning environment.”