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Clark Co. Budget Increases by $1.5 M

Clark Co. Budget Increases by $1.5 M

Clark County’s 2012 budget is a million and half dollars
more than last year, and includes over two and a half million for courthouse
construction, as well as money for two county road bridge projects.

It also includes a 3.5
percent raise for employees and most county officials.

“It’s to adjust of the cost of living,” said Commissioner
Jerry Neyens.

Clark County started 2012 with $3,121,200.68 total cash on
hand. Property tax revenue was expected to be $886,875.49 this year, and sales
tax revenue will be $1,220,000.

Total revenues from all sources will be $5,143,618.30,
giving the county a total of $8,264,818.98 to work with.

The county will spend $8,132,522.47, leaving an end balance
of $132,296.51.

The chart above shows the county’s expense budget by fund,
with a comparison to last

year’s budget and actual expenses.

A copy of the budget is available for review at The Media.

An audio recording of the public hearing is posted at