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Redmon Hosts Town Hall Discussion In Kahoka

Redmon Hosts Town Hall Discussion In Kahoka

By Mike Scott

Missouri’s First District Representative Craig Redmon hosted
a town hall style discussion with a group of invited guests on Friday morning,
April 20, at Steve’s Family Dining in Kahoka.

Among the guests were Kahoka city officials, school
administrators, county public health officials and local business owners.

Redmon updated the community leaders on developments from
Jefferson City.

“Yesterday, is probably one of the most exciting things
we’ve had,” Redmon said. Ameren has
partnered with Westinghouse to build a small modular nuclear reactor at the
Callaway plant.

The 450 million dollar project will be the first reactor of
its type in the nation. Westinghouse
will build the reactor in the state of Missouri.

“The technology has been around for some time, used in
nuclear submarines,’ he said.

Another important announcement from Jefferson City was the
prevention of raising the farm land rating again this year. There are eight levels of rating, which
determines the amount of taxes on the land.
Revisions are made every two years.

“We are going to need to come up with a plan to change this,
“ Redmon said. “The levels have not
changed since 1996, so we’re getting a lot of pushback from urban legislators
saying ‘Our taxes have gone up and yours haven’t.”

Other topics discussed were:

–Cigarette Tax

“My biggest problem with raising the tax, is making sure the
money will go where it’s supposed to go,” Redmon said.


Unemployment in Missouri has dropped to about seven percent,
Redmon said. The overall national rate
is 8.2, and Illinois it 8.4.

“We’ve done a lot of things to be friendly to business,” he
said. “It truly believe improving our economy is what is going to improve our
school, our roads and our health care,” Redmon said.

–Tax Credits

Tax Credits are the most used economic development tool.

“We need to look at these,” he said.

Businesses are starting to take advantage of these credits, then
relocating to another state for their credit program.

–Health Care

Redmon supports a plan for the state to create a health care
pool for small business, where the state facilitates a program for small employers to provide health care
insurance for their employees.

“We would be a facilitator, not be in the health care
business,” Redmon stressed.

The plan would create a larger pool of employees to attract
lower insurance rates.


“Our inner city schools have a problem, but we don’t want to
penalize our students to help them.

-Balanced Budget

“This is one thing Missouri does right. By requiring a balanced budget, it forces us
to make the tough decisions every year,” Redmon said.