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Kahoka Aldermen Hear Troubling Prairie State Update

The Board of Aldermen met in special session at 5:00 pm on July 15, 2013 in the meeting room at City Hall. Mayor Jerry Webber called the meeting to order and roll call was answered by: Mayor Jerry Webber and Aldermen: Larry Young, Jeff Wood and Greg Sutterfield. Also present were City Assistant Jim Sherwood Street Supervisor Ron Bourgeois, Water Supervisor Kevin Yates, Electric Supervisor Chris Plant, Light Plant Supervisor George LeMaster, Water Supervisor Jim Alderton and City Clerk Sandie Hopp. Prairie State Update: City Assistant Sherwood reported that the City of Marceline is asking to be excused from their contract with Prairie State because they do not have the funds to continue to lose money on the project. The remaining Cities would have to split Marceline’s cost under the contract if another buyer is not found. Mr Sherwood further stated the Mr Duncan with the MPUA is negotiating with the Missouri Public Energy Pool to purchase Marceline’s 4 megawatts of electricity with Marceline paying $20,000.00 per month for the next 4 years and the remaining Cities agree to relinquish the test energy funds which the City of Kahoka’s portion would be about $40,000.00. Through general consent the Board directed City Assistant Sherwood to vote yes for the negotiated sale. Alderman Wood made a motion to go into closed session pursuant to Section 610.021, 3 RSMO, Supplement 1994, seconded by Alderman Sutterfield. Motion passed with a roll call vote as follows: Alderman Young-aye, Alderman McVeigh-aye, Alderman-Sutterfield-aye, and Alderman Wood-aye. In closed session personnel issues where discussed. Alderman Wood made a motion to go out of closed and into open session, Alderman Young seconded. Roll call vote was as follows: Alderman Sutterfield-aye, Alderman McVeigh-aye, Alderman Wood-aye and Alderman Young-aye. Bill Irvin raise: Alderman Young made a motion to give water department employee Bill Irvin a 50 cent raise, Alderman Sutterfield seconded. Motion passed unanimously. French Reneker Year 2 of Owner Supervised Program #2: Alderman Young made a motion to sign the contract with French Reneker for year 2 of Owner Supervised Program #2, Alderman Wood seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Alderman McVeigh arrived at 6:55 and the Board updated him on the meetings activities. Alderman McVeigh made a motion to adjourn, Alderman Young seconded. Motion passed unanimously.