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Marijuana Found In High School Locker

A small amount of marijuana was found in a student’s locker at the Clark County R-1 High School on Friday morning, according to CCR-1 Superintendent Dr. Ritchie Kracht.

Clark County R-1 High School in Kahoka.

Clark County R-1 High School in Kahoka.

“The drug dog was here this morning.  The Sheriff has an open invitation to do a sweep when the dog is in the area and available.  It’s a surprise for everyone when they come.  I got a phone call that they would be at the high school about 10 minutes before they arrived,” Kracht said.

The dog checked lockers at both the High School and Middle School, as well as parking lot at the high school.

“Typically, the dog hits on several lockers or vehicles,” Kracht said.    Searches are then conducted, and if anything is found, students face both school and legal penalties.

“The student today was turned over to law enforcement.  I cannot speak about this specific instance, but speaking in general terms, for a first offense, they would get 10 days out-of-school suspension, with additional offenses bringing significantly more,” Kracht said.  “If they were selling, I would suspend them for 180 days and recommend expulsion to the board.”

Kracht declined to say whether this was a first offense, or whether or not the student is a juvenile or adult.

“We hope having the dog come once or twice a year will deter kids from bringing anything illegal to school.  It’s just like our drug testing program.  We hope it will make them make better decisions,” Kracht said.

Once turned over to law enforcement, the students face legal penalties.

“We’re completely out of that, but we always involve law enforcement when something illegal is found,’ Kracht added.

To see the entire school drug policy, click the link below.

school drug policy