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Kahoka Restaurant To Change Name

A Kahoka family favorite will soon have a new name.

Starting on August 11, Breadeaux Pizza in Kahoka will change its name to “Papa’s Pizza”.

“My granddaughter calls it that now,” said owner John Huffman, who, with his wife, Nancy, have owned and operated the business since August 8, 1988.

When Huffman started the Breadeaux franchise, there were 95 stores, and it grew to 110 before dropping to 29 stores currently.

“Over the years, it has just dwindled,” said Huffman. “Our store is doing fine, and it will continued to do fine.”

Five years ago, the Breadeaux parent company was sold to a Michigan company that owns three other pizza franchises.

Huffman’s franchise agreement expired two years ago, and he has chosen not to renew the franchise due to the demands of the new contract. One of the terms of the agreement requires him to guarantee franchise royalties for 10 years, even in the store was to close.

“I decided I was not going to sign that agreement,” Huffman said.

Huffman and his staff have been busy lining up new suppliers for the 14 items they will no longer be able to get through Breadeaux, such as flour and sauce. His main food supplier will remain the same. He stated he thinks his new flour is better than what they have been using.

“We don’t think the public will see much difference at all,” he said. “We’re going to focus on keeping this store going, and hiring good people.

Over the years, Huffman has employed over 300 young people, often providing them with their first job. “We’ve had a lot of good kids. It fun to watch them transition into adults and follow what they are doing now,” he said.

Papa’s Pizza will continue to honor coupons and gift certificates, and the telephone number is expected to remain the same.