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From Our Early Files

10 years ago
August 10, 2005
144 years after shots were fired in anger within the town of Athens Missouri, Civil War reenactors gathered together to reenact the Battle of Athens on August 6 and 7.
Work continues on the Fabius River Bridge western Williamstown, as crews remove the footings of the old Bridge. The new bridge should be completed by the end of September.
“It’s a terrific day to be out of the office,” said Lewis County REC general manager John Bloom at th 68th annual meeting of the Lewis County rural electric Cooperative at the Lewis County Fairgrounds on Thursday, August 4
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Summers celebrate 40th anniversary.
Ryan Kruger and Zack Summers attended the Mizzou cheerleading camp held on the campus in Columbia Missouri.
The 33rd third annual Kahoka Festival of Bluegrass Music will be held at the Clark County Fairgrounds on August 17-20.
Deaths David Plant, Frederick McCollister, Okie Bradley

20 years ago
August 9, 1995
Jan Wagner presented 20 year safe driver award from OATS, Inc.
Woodrow Riley received 50 year Masonic pin.
Francis Danker honored for 70 years membership in the Knights of Columbus.
50 years ago: Arthur Trammell, Wyaconda was killed August 6 at Chicago, when the Santa Fe train for which he was brakeman collided with a B & O train…Floyd Bergman, a Kahoka city employee, was run over and killed by the westbound Burlington train last night.
105 years ago: Postmaster Neeper has been granted permission to close the Kahoka post office from 1-7pm on Aug. 27, 28 and 29, for the Clark County Fair.
Deaths: Richard McAndrew, Evelena Sams, Zella Lorigan, Ernest Roberts, Sadie Nelson

30 years ago
August 7, 1985
The Clark County Road and Bridge crew has begun removing the Oilar Bridge, 4 miles north of Kahoka, to replace it with a new bridge.
The Col. Hiram M, Hiller house at 570 N. Washington, Kahoka, has been approved for nomination to the national register of historic places.
50 years ago: Sheriff Tom Bash of Kansas City is searching Missouri for the longest eared mule.

40 years ago
August 7, 1975
Lynn County boy, owned by Eddie Dennis of Cedar Rapids, won the Missouri derby at the Clark County fair, in the record-breaking time of 1:45.
Athens, site of a Civil War battle, is now officially a Missouri State Park.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schreck celebrate golden wedding anniversary.
50 years ago: The pavement around the Kahoka Square will be open to traffic Saturday night. The cement has set long enough and the streets will be open to all vehicles
Deaths: Leland Leftwich, Frank Whitehead, Laura McIntosh

50 years ago
August 6, 1965
City of Marshall Dick Malone fractured both bones in his left leg, above the ankle, on his first day of vacation. At a the Des Moines River, He climbed a tree to hang a swinger for his grandchildren. As he was adjusting the rope, he lost his balance and fell.
George Ivins of Revere attended the first Clark County fair, as a frisky seven-year-old.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Spurgeon and sons, Alan and Bruce, of Wayland, Are vacationing in Alaska.
Deaths: Floyd Ramsey, Warren Nash, A B Parish

85 years ago
August 15, 1930
Barbara Malone has been accepted as a student nurse at Graham Hospital.
Years ago 1888–a movement was started by our citizens, Wednesday morning, having for its purpose of the raising of funds for sinking an artesian well in the public park… the Kahoka affair was an immense success financially and every other way… Scotland County has a bare excitement near Arbela… the Kahoka pickle and canning works put up, this season, about 14,000 bushels of cucumbers and 80,000 cans of sweet corn.