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Kahoka Cable Rates To Increase January 1

By Mike Scott

Kahoka Cable TV customers will get some sticker shock on their next bill, as the Kahoka Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to raise rates effective January, and again for most customers in July.

At a special meeting of the council, held Thursday, December 17, the board discussed the rates.

“We have to raise the cable rates high enough that we’re not losing money, said Alderman Greg McVeigh. “We cannot expect the general revenue of the city to support the cable system.”

Currently, cable rates are $18 per month for the basic package, and $45 per month for the extended basic package. Premium packages are available at an extra cost.

Recently, the popular channel AMC announced a 59% rate increase, and will require cable companies to add five additional channel at their own cost to maintain AMC service. Last week, the Kahoka council voted to remove AMC from the Kahoka lineup effective January 1.

“They are forcing us to buy things that we don’t want,” added Alderman Larry Young.

Replacing AMC will be the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel.

The board approved raising the cable subscription rates by three dollars for the basic package, making the new price $21 per month. For the extended basic package, the rate will increase by eight dollars to $53 per month, and will increase again in July. However, The Food Network will be added in July.
The rates will also be review again at the end of 2016.

“We’re not trying to get rich here, but if we can’t pay the bills, we won’t have cable,” Young said.

The board also started discussing water and sewer rates.

The cost of producing water for the city of Kahoka has risen by 27 percent in the past year, largely due to price increases for the chemicals needed.

Despite that, Kahoka remains among the lowest water and sewer prices in the area.

The Media will review area water and sewer rates in a future edition.
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In other business, the board:
-Approved an increase in the engineering fees for the water pump replacement project.
-Approved sewage dumping fees at the city’s lagoon.