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Webster Tops Conger In Clark County Sheriff Republican Primary Race

Vote 4

With only one contested race locally, that being for Sheriff, Clark County Republican voters overwhelmingly chose Shawn Webster over Bill Conger in Tuesday’s primary election.

Webster received 1022 votes, while Conger gained 313 votes. Webster will face Democrat Brian Lewis, who received 121 votes, and Independent Chad Hickey in the November general election.

Both local continuing road tax issues passed by large margins. The Common Road District tax was reproved by a 928-539 margin, and the County Road Tax passed 1075-401.

In the county, 1347 Republican cast ballots, while 190 Democrat votes were cast. Four Libertarian ballots and two non-partisan ballots were cast.

Democrat voters in Clark County favored Jason Kander for US Senate, Chris Koster for governor, Russ Carnahan for Lt. Governor, Robin Smith for Secretary of State, Judy Baker for Treasurer, Jake Zimmerman for Attorney General and David Blackwell for US Representative.

Gary Dial received 153 votes for Circuit Judge. Paul Brotherton got 88 votes for Western Commissioner. Tony Daniel received 138 votes for Assessor, and Melissa Vigen got 138 votes for Coroner. Wayne Miller received 137 votes for Public Administrator.

On the Republican side, a total of 1093 votes were castRoy Blunt topped the field for US Senate. Eric Greitens led the field for Governor, and Mike Parson topped the field for Lt. Governor. John Jay Ashcroft was favored by Clark County voters for Secretary of State, and Eric Schmitt topped the count for Treasurer. Kurt Shaefer topped the field for Attorney General, and Sam Grave was favored for US Representative.

Craig Redmon got 1028 votes for State Representative. Henry Dienst received 368 votes for Eastern Commissioner, and Gary Webster got 663 votes for Western Commissioner. Ed Wilson received 1148 votes for Coroner, and Kevin Flood got 1027 votes for Surveyor,