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Slow Collapse of Condemned Building Continues

The condemned building at 120 N Washington, on the west side of the square in Kahoka, is continuing to collapse. On February 14, a section of the back of the building gave way, leaving a large hole exposed.

Photo taken February 15:

Since then, the size of the hole has nearly doubled. This photo was taken March 7.

As you can see,  hole has widened to the upstairs window on the left, and bricks in the first floor have fallen.

It’s not known whether Monday night’s storm caused the additional collapse.

Kahoka  Mayor Jerry Webber reported that the state has acknowledged receipt of his emergency request to demolish the building, but is requiring at least two bids. Four potential bidders have looked at the site. One has declined to bid, and Webber is waiting for bids from the other three before the city can proceed with the demolition.

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