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Wind Turbine Blades Damaged In Train Accident

The blade is folded backwards.

The train carrying wind turbine blades is stopped on the Des Moines River bridge.

The front of the BNSF train is stopped just off the bridge into Missouri.

This blade is folded and shattered.

At least two wind turbine blades were damaged during an accident on the Des Moines River bridge, between Keokuk, Iowa, and Alexandria, Missouri, on Saturday morning, June 2.

Information is sketchy at this time, but it appears that two wind turbine blades being transported on a BNSF train made contact with the bridge, folded backwards and shattered.

BNSF crews are on scene at this time, and the bridge is closed.

We’ve reached out to both BNSF and Siemens, who we presume manufactured the blades at their plant in nearby Ft. Madison, for more information and comments.  We will update this post when we have more information.