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Clark County Election Results-November 6, 2018

Clark County voters overwhelmingly re-elected Republican Buddy Kattelmann as Presiding Commissioner.  Kattelmann received 1710 votes, 64.8% of the total, to defeat challenger Paul Brotherton, who is a former Western District Commissioner.  Brotherton received 914 votes, and there were 15 write-ins.

In the only other contested race in Clark County, incumbent Republican Melissa Bevans retained her County Recorder position, gaining 19610 votes, while challenger and former Recorder’s office employee Karen Davidson got 698 votes.

Other local vote totals were:

Associate Circuit Judge-Rick Roberts, 2289 votes

County Clerk-Kelly Waples-2298 votes

Circuit Clerk-Kim Schantz-2213 votes

County Treasurer-Roberta McAfee-2309 votes

Prosecuting Attorney-Holly Conger-Koenig-2117 votes

County Collector-Michelle Allen-2368 votes

In statewide races, Clark County voters favored Josh Hawley (R) over Claire McCaskill (D) , 1892-684.  Japheth Campbell (L) got 33 votes.   Jo Crain (GRN) received 11 votes, and Craig O’Dear (I) got 50 votes.  Statewide, Hawley defeated McCaskill 1,245,732 to 1,101,3774.

In the State Auditor Race, Saudra McDowell got 1734 votes, topping Nicole Galloway’s 703 total.  Other voter getters were Sean O’Toole (L)-65, Don Fitz (GRN)-17, and Jacob Luetkemeyer (CST)-66.  Statewide, Galloway was re-elected by a margin of 1,197,020 to 1,060,066 over McDowell.

Sam Graves (R) carried Clark County in the US House District six race.  He received 2030 votes, while Henry Martin (D) got 563.  Dan Hogan (L) got 60 votes.  Grave was re-elected with a district-wide vote total of 199,580 to 97,515 over Martin.

Cindy O’Laughlin (R) carried Clark County in the State Senate District 18 race with 1904 votes, to Crystal Stephens’ (D) 692 votes.  In the 18th District, O’Laughlin won 46,225 to 19,528.

Greg Sharp (R), received 2174 votes for State Representative, District 4.  Unopposed, he got 10,365 total votes in the district.

Amendment 1, a measure to change redistrict ind political contribution rules , passed in Clark County by a 1444-1144 margin, and statewide by a 1,459,576 to 895,012 total.

Amendment 2, a   medical marijuana measure, also passed in Clark County, 1368-1272.  Statewide, it passed 1,572,592 to 826,777.

Amendment 3, a second medical marijuana proposal, failed locally by a 947-1655 margin, and failed statewide 747,977-1,631,228.

Amendment 4, dealing with bingo rules, failed locally 1031-1461, but passed 1,186,642 to 1,079,365 statewide.

Prop B, an increase to the minimum wage, narrowly passed locally, 1393-1248, and passed 1,488,368 to 901,808 statewide.

Prop C, the third of three medical marijuana measures, failed in Clark County 10-88-1506.  Statewide, it also failed, 1,031,371 to 1,339,229.

Voters both locally and statewide rejected Prop D, which would raise the fuel tax.  In Clark County the vote was 997-1639, and statewide, it failed 1,101,830 to 1,274,099.

Both Missouri Supreme Court justices were retained, as well as both Eastern District Court of Appeals judges.  The totals were:

Supreme Court-

Powell-1709-598 in Clark County, 1,452,787 -583,178 statewide

Russell-1603-696 in Clark County, 1,457,962 to 569,200 statewide.

Eastern District Court of Appeals

Dolan, 1601-670 in Clark County, 584,195-268,648 district wide

Page-1586-678 in Clark County, 586,299 – 262,701 district-wide.

NEMOnews editors Mike Scott and Echo Menges live-streamed the results from around Northeast Missouri as they came in on Tuesday night.  That video can be seen here: