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Clark County Collector Offers Important Tax Suggestions

Clark County Collector Offers Important Tax Suggestions

Michelle Allen, the Collector for Clark County, would like to suggest a couple things to prepare for the upcoming tax year.

First, when you receive your envelope from us, please open and inspect your statement(s) individually at your earliest possible convenience.  If you think you should have received a tax bill, but did not, please contact us.

On the personal property tax statement, all vehicles that you owned on January 1, 2019 should be listed.  If there is a discrepancy in the list, please contact us at your earliest possible convenience sop we may get a new statement to you.  Also, please make sure that the rest of the personal property statement is accurate.

On the real estate tax statement, please check the information in the top-center of the pages to ensure that the property described is your property.  If you receive a bill for real estate that you sold during the year, or did not receive a bill for property you purchased during the year, please get ahold of us as quickly as possible. Getting the correct information reported to us will ensure the smoothest possible correction and payment.  Having the fewest discrepancies possible will make the tax process easier on everyone.

We would like to ask the taxpayers that enrolled in and participated in the real estate installment program for 2019 to look at the “Advance Pay” credit giving on the real estate bill(s).  Please make sure that the credit shown is the total you paid towards your installments.

Please contact us at 660-727-3787, or come to the Collector’s office in the courthouse, Suite 140 in Kahoka.  We want to make the taxpaying process as hassle-free as possible for Clark County.