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Kahoka’s New Animal Ordinance Bans Additional Vicious Dogs, Imposes New Restrictions on Existing Vicious Dogs


The City of Kahoka has a new animal ordinance in effect.  

After months of discussion and public input, the Kahoka City Council voted Monday evening, June 9, to approve the new ordinance.

One key point of the new ordinance specifically includes Pit Bull dogs in the definition of vicious dogs, which are now subject to new regulations to remain in the city limits.

No new vicious dogs may be brought into the City of Kahoka.  Vicious dogs that were in town prior to the passing of the ordinance, or those becoming defined as vicious through their actions, will be allowed to remain provided they are leashed and muzzled at all times when outside their house or pen; securely confined at all other times; that a “Beware of Dog” sign be posted; that the animal be registered with the city, annually, including color photos of the dog; and proof of $100,000 or greater liability insurance on file with the police department.  In addition, any offspring of the animal must be removed from the city with eight weeks of birth. 

The ordinance also limits any resident from keeping more than a total number of four dogs or cats, defines animal neglect and abuse, defines ‘public nuisance’ animals, and prohibits exotic animals within the city limits, as well as other regulations and requirements.

To read the complete ordinance, click below

Ordinance – Kahoka Animal Regulations