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Farmers to Families Brings Food to Rural Communities

On October 16, the Helping Hands Food Distribution Site will be handing out food from the Farmers to Families program from 9am to 2pm, or until food runs out.  This program authorized the USDA to partner with local communities to bring meat, dairy and produce products to rural communities. This food distribution is different than the monthly Helping Hands Distribution and is open to ANY Clark County resident, regardless of income or family size. Below is a map showing the staging point at the fairgrounds, and the path to the tent to receive distributions.

On October 2, this same distribution program delivered 1260 boxes of food to Clark County.  With volunteers from various churches, Missouri Baptists Disaster Relief, Kahoka/Clark County Fire Department, Wayland Fire Department, Helping Hands, these boxes were delivered to Clark County residents, unloading and distributing over 800 boxes of food on Friday, and the remaining boxes of food on the following Monday.  To those who were recipients, there seemed to have been a lot of chaos, however, these volunteers, in partnership with the Clark County Office of Emergency Management were only notified on September 29th that we were eligible to receive the food.  Over the next three days, volunteers were arranged, infrastructure was placed into service, and volunteers were sought out. Organizing the food distribution was a significant process that involved dozens of volunteers and could not have been done without their service to the community. Thank you, Volunteers!