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Fundraising To Being For North Bathrooms At Clark County Fairgrounds

The Clark County Jr. Livestock Committee has obtained approval from the Clark County Fair Board to begin working on another upgrade to the fairgrounds that will improve not only the 4-H & FFA youth experience but also improve the community’s fair experience as well.  Proposals and drawings have been made and approved by both the fair board and the Livestock Committee to construct bathrooms and showers on the north end of the fairgrounds just west of the current Art Hall building. The proposal includes two shower rooms for each (women and men) will include a toilet. They will work as additional stalls when not in use for showers. The other three stalls will be partitions and will include a handicap accessible stall in each bathroom. Each bathroom will also include a baby changing station and sinks. 

The proposed bathroom building will be a block wall building with concrete floor and a covered concrete entrance on each side. Utility closet with on demand hot water heaters will provide the hot water for sinks and showers. Drains will be included in each bathroom so that cleaning can be done with power washers before the fair and major events. 

The fair board has had discussion with the City of Kahoka and are completing an agreement to hook into the city sewer and pay the water and sewer bill to the city for this facility. 

Bathrooms are expensive to put in when you start adding up stainless steel partitions, on demand water heaters, fixtures, concrete floors plumbing etc. The committee will do everything possible to keep costs down while not forfeiting the facility or the needs of the public. We have a current estimate that we need to raise $30,000 to complete the project. The Livestock Committee has some building funds already and the fair board has committed to bringing the sewer into the property to this facility as well as contributing to the building project. 

We now ask for the community and community organization’s help. It takes a village – and in our case a county to make the difference. Upgraded bathroom facilities are in high need at the fairgrounds as is utility upgrades, building maintenance and many projects. We now ask to help complete this project for the 2021 Fair. Shawn McAfee has been appointed chair of the building project by the Livestock Committee. To contribute you can write checks to the Clark County Livestock Committee and deliver them to the Extension Office in the basement of the Courthouse or you can get the donation to Shawn and he will see it gets to the Extension Office on your behalf. Contact number is 319-795-4268. The sooner the monies are in hand, the earlier construction begins.